THE GARDEN (group show)

11 > 24 February 2016
18 rue de l’hotel de ville 75004 – App 8003 – PARIS
Vernissage: 11th February 19:00 – 22:00


Frieder Haller
Fabio Santacroce
Leslie Martinelli
Anna Sagström
Joel Dean
Anna Solal
Cedric Fargues
Bianca Bondi
Timothy Furey
Pepo Salazar
Rosie Hastings & Hannah Quinlan
Bea Fremderman


In the shadow of a nuclear station in Dungeness, England sits Derek Jarman’s meditative and arid garden. Its irises, plants and sculptures poking out of the flint surface is a far cry from the green monochrome of Bree Van de Kampf’s perfectly tended lawns that adorn Wisteria Lane.

ROOM E-10 27’s garden will be tended in a studio situated in the heart of old Paris. There among works by thirteen different artists one finds objects and interventions that contribute to an environment, which in their quixotic attempts at ecological symbioses, are marked in part by the creative ferocity of nature — a concept put forward by French botanist Francis Hallé. They take on and challenge its domestic dimension through concepts of acceleration and degeneration, which threaten to overcome and menace it.

12th – 24th by appointment